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inspireRx provides pharmacy services to The Prelude Network. Through inspireRx, patients will utilize a Preferred Network Pharmacy and receive significant discount pricing on fertility medications, expedited delivery and personalized services.

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Questions about inspireRx?

What services are available to patients?
  • On-Call Pharmacist and Clinical support 24/7
  • Overnight delivery and rushed Pharmacy Pick -up
  • Our Insurance support team handles all Prior-authorizations and Pre-certifications for you.

*Please contact preferred pharmacy for same day delivery options.

What medications are offered via inspireRx?
  • Preferred manufacturer is Merck; i.e. Follistim, Ganirelix and Pregnyl

Other brands are available, please contact a Preferred Network Pharmacy for availability.

Does inspireRx have a compounding lab?
  • Yes! Our Preferred Network Pharmacies have sterile and non-sterile compounding laboratories that ships the next day.

Please contact a Preferred Network Pharmacy for list of available compounds.

Can a Preferred Network Pharmacy dispense Testosterone?

Yes, please reach out to your specific Preferred Network Pharmacy for accessibility and medication expiration.

Are supplies ordered separately?

Not at all. But please prescribe specific supplies that you want dispensed, otherwise the pharmacy will dispense supplies for your patients’ specific protocol.

Are Third Party Donor medications available through inspireRx?

Yes. inspireRx has negotiated significant cost savings on behalf of the patient and clinic. Please include in the notes section of the prescription “Third Party” so that the pharmacy can follow appropriate SOPs and maintain anonymity.

Are we able to prescribe Omnitrope?

Yes, see below for the approved ICD-10 codes for HGH: Omnitrope

✓ E23.0 ⇨ Hypopituitarism (HGH Deficiency is Suspected)

✓ E23.1 ⇨ Drug Induced Hypopituitarism

✓ E23.2 ⇨ Diabetes Insipidus

✓ E23.3 ⇨ Hypothalmic Dysfunction

✓ E23.6 ⇨ Other Disorders of Pituitary Gland

✓ N18.1, N18.2, N18.3 N18.4, N18.5 ⇨ Chronic Kidney Disease

✓ P05.00 through P05.10 ⇨ Newborn Light for Gestational Age

✓ P05.10 through P05.18 ⇨ Newborn Small for Gestational Age

✓ Q87.1 ⇨ Congenital Malformation

✓ Q96.0-Q96.2 ⇨ Karyotype 45/46 X

✓ Q96.3 through Q96.4

✓ Mosaicism 45, X/46, XX or XY

✓ Q96.9 ⇨ Turner Syndrome

How do I contact a Preferred Pharmacy?

Apthorp Pharmacy
Phone: (212) 877-1581
Fax: (877) 846-6031

Sands Rx (Locations in Wiley, Frisco, and Mickinney)
Phone: (972) 535-2020
Fax: (855) 385-9990

Braun PharmaCare
Phone: (773) 549-0634
Fax (773) 549-2753

MDR (Locations in Encino and Westwood)
Phone: (800) 515- 3784
Fax: (888) 939-2020

Rosemont Pharmacy
Phone: (610) 525-3570
Fax: (610) 525-3153

Encompass Fertility, by CVS Pharmacy
Phone: (855) 443-5357
Fax: (844) 364-9364

Phone: (800) 424-9002
Fax: (866) 742-4986
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